Helping children be the best they can be

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Helping children be the best they can be
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What is the School Council?

  • Children's School Council is a group of children, meeting each week to discuss ideas to raise money for their designated charities. They also meet to discuss ways the school can be improved and any issues or concerns the children may have.
  • There are currently two representatives from each Year 5 & 6 class.
  • Mr Elrick and Miss Cope facilitate the meetings, guiding and encouraging the children as a group.

Why do we have a School Council?

  • To discuss and raise any issues or concerns.
  • To improve the school, according to the children's point of view.
  • To ensure the children have a platform to voice their opinion.
  • To give children an understanding of how citizens in society can influence decision-making through the democratic process.

What do we do in meetings?

  • Each councillor will have gathered ideas and opinions from their class, about any changes or improvements that could be made to the school.
  • These will then be raised in the weekly meeting and councillors discuss how to move forward.
  • How do I become a School Councillor?
  • At the beginning of each school year, children can nominate themselves to represent their class.
  • Nominees must then present their reasons to their class, for why they would make a good councillor.
  • Each class will then vote for who they would like to be their class representative.